CAR.O.L for Reducing Hypertension

Hypertension (or high blood pressure) is the leading cause of cardiovascular disease. It has been estimated that one in four adults have hypertension equating to a worldwide prevalence greater than 1.3 billion. Exercise is a well-known antidote to hypertension with both acute and chronic benefits. Let’s take a closer look at these benefits and how CAR.O.L workouts compare to government physical activity guidelines.

Acute and Chronic benefits

A single, acute bout of moderate-intensity exercise can lower systolic blood pressure by 5 to 7 mm Hg for up to 22 hours following the completion of the exercise session. Interestingly, the chronic benefits from exercise training in terms of blood-pressure reduction are less pronounced, with the literature reporting a decrease of 3 mm Hg and 2 mmHg in systolic and diastolic blood pressure, respectively, after anywhere between one to six months of aerobic training. Although these changes appear rather minimal, it has been demonstrated that blood-pressure reductions of as little as 2 mmHg are associated with a 6-percent decrease in stroke mortality and a four percent decrease in coronary artery disease.


CAR.O.L vs. Government Physical Activity Guidelines

Our laboratory recently compared blood pressure reductions following both CAR.O.L intense and fat burn rides to traditional workouts adhering to government physical activity guidelines of 30 minutes of moderate-intensity treadmill exercise. We had a cohort of 28 men and women train 8wk following either CAR.O.L workouts three to four days a week or moderate-intensity treadmill exercise for 30min on 5 days/wk.

The key takeaways from our findings are as follows:

  1. Reductions in systolic blood pressure were three times greater in the CAR.O.L workout group when compared to the traditional exercise group.
  2. O.L workouts were safe with zero complications or adverse symptoms.
  3. Reductions in blood pressure with CAR.O.L workouts are comparable to those obtained with low dose anti-hypertensive therapy.


CAR.O.L workouts are an effective, safe, and time-efficient strategy to manage blood pressure!