CAR.O.L Has Officially Made Her Selfridges Debut

CAR.O.L (or Cardiovascular Optimised Logic), the first AI-powered HIIT stationary bike has officially launched at Selfridges. Located in Central London, CAR.O.L can be spotted in the window facing Duke Street at Smartech’s Bike Shop in store.

Why go from workout to work when CAR.O.L allows you to workout at work?

The days of sweaty gym wear, unused memberships, long commutes and post-exercise showering are now (time-consuming) activities of the past.

Equipped with various unique features and hardware, CAR.OL is indeed one of a kind when it comes to her precision in bettering your health through the science behind her design. Fortunately, CAR.O.L fulfills what other modern stationary bikes do not. If finding time to exercise is a tasking process or has become an inconvenient — and rather tedious – job, CAR.O.L has arrived to provide you and your health a rewarding alternative.

By burning fat and rapidly depleting sugar stores (glycogen) beneath your muscles within a matter of seconds CAR.O.L can give you the same post-workout effects and benefits from a 45-minute treadmill run or a spin class in just 40 seconds.

With three eight-minute rides a week, CAR.O.L will begin to transform your health and fitness in just five weeks. From lowering blood sugar and cholesterol to lowering your risk of getting heart disease, CAR.O.L will store your performance metrics, making it easy to track your progress on your computer and IOS or Android devices. It’s time to invest in your wellbeing. Your body, your schedule and your wallet will thank you later.

Amongst an array of featured bicycles, scooters, e-bikes and accessories, CAR.O.L will be showcased for two months on the ground floor of Selfridges directly near the main entrance.