CAR.O.L Knows Your Heart: The Stationary Bike That Keeps you Safe

How many stationary bikes can you think of that are able to immediately detect something gone amiss during your workout?

Interval-focused exercise is exciting, but the thought of quickly raising your heart rate to 2x, or 3x, the number of your resting heart rate can be scary! And, we understand.

The CAR.O.L bike features built-in heart rate monitors that track your heart rate through an array of interval-focused rides. Whether you’re currently completing your calibration rides, on your sixth Fat Burn ride, CAR.O.L’s algorithms are designed to detect heart rate irregularities that may affect your ability to continue riding.

During interval exercise, like your ride sessions on CAR.O.L, once your heart rate reaches a peak level, it’s meant to naturally and slowly return to its normal resting heart rate. If your heart rate does not recover quickly enough or begins to behave abnormally, CAR.O.L’s Ride-Abort feature will immediately stop the ride as a precaution.

This precaution feature was not designed to alarm you, but rather to assure your safety throughout your progress to a healthier, fitter you. After all, through and through CAR.O.L’ build is unique and there isn’t another modern fitness machine capable of doing what she does.

We have caught three people walking around with undiagnosed high blood pressure thanks to the on-board safety algorithms!