Flu and Virus Advice: Staying Fit and Avoiding Infection

Posted by carolfitai on Mar 13, 2020 6:06:24 PM


You may have seen in recent news articles that gyms are now designated as ‘high-risk’ locations for contracting CoronaVirus. It’s always important to take sensible precautions during viral outbreaks and in peak flu season, but equally we all need to stay fit in order to ensure our continued health.


CAR.O.L’s practical guide to staying safe, fit and healthy contains sensible tips and advice on limiting contact without limiting workout results. It is more than possible to stay fit without increasing viral infection risks for yourself, family or friends, just by taking the appropriate steps. 



Tip 1: Avoid High Risk Areas


The current advice for avoiding high traffic areas and limiting contact differs from country to country. During any period of heightened viral infection, it is advisable (wherever possible and practical) to stay away from crowded areas such as malls, stadiums, movie theatres, large offices and the subway, metro or underground system in your city. International travel is discouraged at this time, and locations designated as “high-risk” by medical experts are best avoided until further notice.


CoronaVirus advice published by Sky on Thursday March 12 contains safe workout recommendations that are applicable whenever your local community has an increased instance of seasonal flu, heavy colds or viral infections. In the article, respected medical professional Dr Norman Swan identifies gyms as “high risk locations” where increased sweat and dampness result in germ transmission. Swan encourages people to avoid gym attendance until infection risk in their community decreases. This is a sentiment shared by many medical professionals across the world, who are currently recommending that gym goers avoid sharing workout spaces and equipment during the peak of any infection such as COVID-19 and the seasonal flu.


Tip 2: Work Out at Home  


While the gym is a convenient option for those who prefer longer workouts in communal spaces, there are many advantages to working out at home aside from the hugely decreased risk of viral infection. Not having to constantly adjust the settings on your equipment or deal with damp towels left laying around is great, and with CAR.O.L you don’t even have to shower or change into gym clothes - our workout is so efficient you don’t even sweat. CAR.O.L gives you the same results as a 45 minute jog in under nine minutes, with only two 40 second sprints that push you to your limit for maximum results in minimum time - this micro HIIT approach is known as a maximal workout.


Tip 3: Wipe Down Workout Equipment Before and After Use


Viruses like COVID-19 and seasonal flu are thought to live on surfaces for several days. Therefore it is recommended that you use antibacterial solution to carefully wipe down workout equipment before and after use during the outbreak. This is the case not only for shared equipment at the gym, but also for equipment used by multiple family members at home; if you share CAR.O.L with your husband, wife, partner, family members or friends, for everyone’s health make sure that each person carefully cleans CAR.O.L after each session. With all the time you’re saving on that super-efficient 9 minute workout (8 minutes 40 seconds to be precise), there should be ample time for a wipe down with an antibacterial cleanser. 


Tip 4: Wash Your Hands Before and After Working Out


You’re certain by now to have seen the medical advice on carefully washing your hands for at least two minutes before and after eating, travelling, contact with others or handling packages. The same advice extends to working out, especially when you are sharing equipment or spaces with others. Soap and water is highly effective in killing COVID-19 germs; there is no need to use an antibacterial handwash. Hand sanitizer may also be used if you are not able to wash your hands, for instance when travelling or out of the house. 


Tip 5: Stay Hydrated


Being properly hydrated is essential in order to ensure maximum results from your workout, but did you know that being hydrated also helps your body to fight off infections? Water helps in removing toxins from your body and flushes your system, keeping you alert, energised and healthy. The general advice is for every adult to consume eight 8-ounce glasses of water each day, which equals two liters, or half a gallon.


While the risk of contracting COVID-19, seasonal flu and other viral infections are certainly of concern to families around the world at this time, taking these simple steps and ensuring that everyone in your household practices good hygiene will help you to stay fit and healthy at home.