Dr.Lance Dalleck Says That It's Important not to skip exercise during a pandemic

Posted by carolfitai on May 21, 2020 12:38:28 PM


Exercise is powerful for boosting your immunity and in a pandemic, it is vital that we do all we can to keep our immunity strong. 


We have seen a dramatic rise in people working out on CAR.O.L and new registrations within families have increased also. You guys are smart and if there ever was a truism, “survival of the fittest” is it.


You do release more IgA levels which boost your immunity; they are your guardians, let’s get more of them.  However, chronic exercise (read long duration) does the opposite.  This is why many football players often get ill after the season’s training. 


We were never meant to do long exercise.  We walked, looking for food or ran for our lives - away from the tiger.  Our lives are now more evolved than our bodies are.  CAR.O.L’s stationary bike workout is the evolutionarily optimal way. 


A little tip:  A teaspoon of nutritional yeast before or after your exercise bike workout to boost your immunity even more!


Don’t forget the brain!


Your brain is also hungry for oxygen, so boost that and keep your capillaries from getting stiff.  If you can, try and use the breath pacer we have put in for you.  It's a 4 second inhale, half a second hold, 6 second exhale.  This is proven to balance the parasympathetic nervous system so you can be mentally fit too.


What about Cortisol, doesn't it get raised too much if you do the hard sprints?


Many people ask us this and we know (because our scientists have measured it) that cortisol spikes after a CAR.O.L exercise bike workout.  But the circulating cortisol levels drop to normal after an hour of CAR.O.L’s stationary bike workout.  When you are doing marathons or long, frequent, hard exercise,, that’s when you get cortisol overload because it remains elevated for longer than necessary.


Mother nature built us a certain way.  Let’s work with that shall we?


Individualized workouts are powerful


Personalized exercise options are important considerations during the COVID-19 outbreak because you will not over or under train with CAR.O.L.


CAR.O.L will choose the exact right exercise bike workout for you.  Each session will be adapted based on your ability.  If you are getting fitter, she will increase resistance, decrease it if you are struggling or not change if you are where she wants you to be. 


No guesses, just perfectly optimised exercise bike workouts for you - every time. 

Read about the effectiveness of the CAR.O.L stationary bike workout to improve cardiorespiratory fitness and cardiometabolic health more potently, relative to traditional moderate-intensity exercise.


Don’t forget to clean


It's best to clean and disinfect exercise equipment, including CAR.O.L., after each and every use. An excellent resource on complete disinfection guidance can be found here.


Stop if you are unwell


If you do have symptoms of COVID-19, or feeling a bit under the weather, please do refrain from a CAR.O.L exercise bike workout.  Your immune system is fighting something so let it do its job by resting and taking good care of yourself.