Fast Fat Loss with CAR.O.L: The Smart, Scientific Way to Lose Weight Quickly

Posted by carolfitai on Jul 2, 2020 12:14:51 PM


The ultimate exercise bike for fat loss, CAR.O.L gives you a personalized workout that is tailor-made for your unique biology. CAR.O.L’s algorithms calculate and instantly apply the exact resistance you need to reach “supramaximal” power, burning optimum fat, and increasing your stamina over time. With every ride, CAR.O.L re-calculates the resistance, adjusting as you improve your fitness to keep pushing you to the max.


Which Fat Loss Workout Is Right for Me?

CAR.O.L offers two highly-effective fat loss workouts that are effective whatever your current level of stamina and fitness. These are Fat Burn 30, and Fat Burn 60.


CAR.O.L’s Fat Burn 30 Workout

Proven to help you lose nine times more fat than regular exercise, CAR.O.L’s Fat Burn 30 Protocol is perfectly optimized to deliver amazing results for you and your body. Let CAR.O.L guide you through 8-second sprints at personalized resistance, followed by 12-second rests - 30 times, It takes just 15 minutes, makes you feel incredible and delivers unbeatable results.

Fat Burn 30 has four distinct steps to help you step up to your best ever fitness and achieve your weight loss goals:

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Watch the Fat Burn 30 Tutorial.


Fat Burn 60 - The Ultimate Fat Loss Workout

Fat Burn 60 is a 25-minute protocol for optimum fat loss. The same as Fat Burn 30, but with 60 sprints, this workout is for those who are serious about achieving fast fat loss results and are willing to take their workout to the max.

Just like Fat Burn 30, Fat Burn 60 has four distinct steps to help you achieve your weight loss goals:

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Watch the Fat Burn 60 Tutorial.

I’m Overweight, How Do I Know If It’s Safe for Me To Workout Using CAR.O.L?

You won’t over or under train with CAR.O.L - your ai instructor will choose the exact right fat loss workout for you, and each session is adapted based on your ability. If you are struggling, she will decrease resistance, although if you do feel unwell during your workout, you must stop and take a rest.

If you are significantly overweight, or you have a pre-existing health condition, you should consult with a doctor before undertaking any new exercise regime, CAR.O.L included.


How Do I Optimise My Workout with CAR.O.L To Get The Best Results?

Make sure to follow the instructions on CAR.O.L’s screen very carefully. Pace yourself, and go easy when you need to - this is particularly important if you are new to exercise and steadily building up your fitness.

If you can, try and use the breath pacer we have put in for you. It's a 4 second inhale, half a second hold, 6 second exhale. This is proven to balance the parasympathetic nervous system, for maximum oxygen absorption and mental alertness.

Keep an eye on your heart rate and the BPM field on your display, to make sure you stay within healthy guidelines.

Drink lots of water before and after your CAR.O.L fat loss workout, and make sure to eat healthily, sleep well and stay hydrated - nutrition and personal care are a very important part of healthy weight loss too.