Stimulating AMPK – why CAR.O.L is the best way to live a longer, healthier life.

If you would like to live a long, healthy life, you should exercise. Unfortunately, most people do not. Public data shows that exercise is a huge time commitment that most people are unwilling to make. Sadly, every exercise out there is built on the outdated idea that you must workout for a long time to achieve results. Until the advent of CAR.O.L, there has been no in-home exercise machine that can give you the anti-aging results of a long cardio session in sub-9 minutes. With a brief discussion on barrier to exercise that most people face, this blog post will discuss why a short exercise with CAR.O.L is the way for time poor people to live a longer, healthier life. 

Research has shown that to live a longer, healthier life, one should focus on stimulating three “longevity pathways”. One of those pathways is described as AMPK activity. AMPK is an enzyme that is thought to be responsible for clearing our damaged or old cells from your body to promote the generation and growth of younger, healthy cells. In short, the more active your AMPK, the closer you are to the fountain of youth.  

Why are we focussing on AMPK? Exercise is shown to be one of the most potent ways to stimulate APMK activity.  

But here’s the thing... public health figures show that 80% of Americans do not do enough* exercise. 75% of those Americans say they don’t have enough time. It’s easy to see why. Cardio, in particular, can take a long time to achieve any sort of benefit. In today’s world filled with deadlines and social pressures, it can be hard to carve out 5 hours each week to workout.  

The fundamental issue is that every exercise method out there, whether it’s an app or a gym session, is premised on the idea that one must workout for a long time to achieve results. Because we don’t have 5 hours to spare each weekwe are getting sicker. Especially as we grow into old age. 

Luckily, scientists and researchers, like Dr. Niels Vollaard from the University of Stirling, have been addressing this issue for decades 

Their answer: the discovery that you do NOT need to exercise for a long time to get results.  

If you struggle to find 5 hours each week to exercise, this will be music to your ears! The research from Dr. Vollaardwho designed an exercise which can dramatically improve fitness and overall health in those of all ages, showed that just 3 of his sub-9-minute exercises per week can deliver the same results of much longer, arduous workouts.  

The exercise he designed, called REHIT (Reduced Exertion High Intensity Training), is an 8-minute workout interspersed with 2x 20 second all out maximum intensity sprints. His team of scientists discovered that if one could perform these ultra-high intensity 20 second sprints just a few times each week, he or she would see remarkable effects towards anti-aging (and improving fitness and general health).  

The 50-year-old founders of CAR.O.L, ex-management consultants also looking to live a longer healthier life, partnered with Dr. Vollaard to build a product that could bring them youthful life while also allowing them to meet deadlines and raise children soon to go to college. 

A few years and $1m in R&D later, CAR.O.L came onto the market as the only consumer friendly bike that has been specifically engineered to run the REHIT protocol in everyday life.  

Built on the idea that you do NOT need to workout for a long time to achieve resultsCAR.O.L is the perfect solution for anyone looking for an alternative, quicker route to youthful living. 

In our next blog we will discuss how the CAR.O.L was designed to run the REHIT protocol. 


*(‘enough’ being the minimum 150 minutes/week of light cardio – like walking – that the Surgeon General recommends an adult undertook. In fact, the government would rather 300 minutes, but they realised that was a stretch).