There is no cloning the CAR.O.L Bike!

In our previous blog post, we highlighted findings from our laboratory that demonstrated the time-efficiency and potency of CAR.O.L workouts. Recall that in just 25 percent of the exercise time, CAR.O.L. users experienced a two-fold greater improvement in their fitness levels relative to traditional, moderate-intensity exercise. Upon hearing these impressive findings, we usually receive two common follow-up questions: Why is CAR.O.L so effective? And is there an alternative to CAR.O.L that will give me similar results?

Why is CAR.O.L so effective?

The performance of CAR.O.L workouts creates a sudden and substantial increased energy demand, which perturbs the body’s internal metabolic homeostasis. The severe disruption of homeostasis associated with CAR.O.L rides “saturates” the signaling response mechanism (i.e., the enzyme, AMPK) required to make more mitochondria. CAR.O.L’s intense rides optimize these physiological events! We will write more about these cool mechanisms in an upcoming blog.

Can I clone CAR.O.L and get similar results?

Intensity is the most critical component of an exercise regime: too low of an intensity will be insufficient to elicit favorable training adaptations while too high an intensity can lead to undue fatigue, burnout and/or injury. CAR.O.L uses artificial intelligence to personalize intensity. CAR.O.L will increase, decrease or not change the resistance depending on rider performance and biometric measurements. Fine and automatic adjustments ensure that riders from 25-80 years old can exercise confidently because the intensity of each session is customized to their ability.

Can CAR.O.L workouts be effectively cloned using different equipment or even with alternatives requiring no equipment? It’s human nature to counterfeit the real deal but the eventual outcome will always be predictable – one is left with a disappointing product and result. The effectiveness of CAR.O.L is underpinned by its matchless capacity to optimally customize intensity from workout-to-workout for users of all ages and fitness levels. Simply put, there is no cloning CAR.O.L!